Included within the ticket fare per passenger

Each passenger may carry one piece of hand luggage and one piece of “checked in baggage”.  Baggage exceeding 23kg may be denied dependent on payload restrictions.  If we can accommodate excess luggage on the day, the fee is £75 payable prior to boarding the shuttle. 

Unfortunately 30kg luggages are too large and can result in passengers being denied and left at the station.  No refunds or rebookings are allowed under these cirucmstances.  Le Pet Express has had to take such a position as the shuttle’s weight restrictions are for passenger and road safety reasons.  Should you have larger luggage, please contact us to see if it can be accepted or ship it. Shipping companies are listed lower down on this page.  Shipping a 30kg bag from Paris to London is about £50.

When 2 people are travelling together, we recommend one brings the pet on our service and the other takes the luggage on the Eurostar or plane.

If your pet has a crate, please read our FAQ:  Can I bring my pet’s crate at



Prohibited Items

  • Prams, Pushchairs, Skis, Snowboards, Surfboards, Sailboards, Golf Clubs, Windsurfers and similar items
  • E-scooters or any device containg a lithium or similar type battery.
  • Musical instruments (including cellos, guitars, keyboards and similar items).
  • Wheelchairs, bicycles (folding / non folding/electric) or electric scooters of any sort.
  • Weapons, Drugs (other than medicines) or solvents.
  • Hazardous chemicals or substances as defined under the Health and Safety at Work Acts.

Should a passenger present himself or herself for travel with any prohibited items, carriage will be denied unless the passenger properly and safely disposes of the prohibited item(s).

Refunds will not be given to passengers who are denied permission to travel because they are in possession of prohibited items and are unable to dispose of them prior to travel.

Excess / Additional Luggage (Not included within the fare)


Additional Baggage

Please contact us in advance as our minibus has weight limits which cannot be exceeded.  If you carry more than the allowance we can not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your excess baggage.  If there are empty seats and additional space, our minibus weight limit cannot not be exceeded.  In case there is extra capacity, additional baggage in excess of permitted allowance is allowed and you will be required to pay an additional 50 pounds for the first bag prior to boarding if you contact us prior to your day of travel.  Customers who show up on the day with excess luggage, will be charged £75 per bag.  For any number of additional bags beyond one, we ask you to book an additional seat to allow room for them.  We allow up to three additional bags.  There are also companies that specialise in delivering your luggage door-to-door.  Companies that ship luggage are /  and


Additional Information

Le Pet Express reserves the right to inspect any and all suspicious baggage.  Le Pet Express has a zero tolerance policy for human and animal trafficking.  Minibus entrance will be denied and activity reported to the local authorities.

Please note that for safety reasons, access to the entrance/exit, emergency exit and aisle may not be restricted or impeded.
Please note that our luggage allowance is different to that of train luggage allowance due to the physical constraints of the Le Pet Express minibus.