• Disabled passengers may use Le Pet Express providing that they are able to use one of the seats fitted to the vehicle. Regrettably due to the construction and design of the vehicle it is not possible to carry disabled passengers who require the use of their own seat / wheelchair nor is it possible to carry a wheelchair as luggage.
  • Safety regulations stipulate that passengers with additional needs should not be seated at emergency exits or in cross aisles that form part of emergency exit routes.
  • Le Pet Express minibuses are exempt from the Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations 2000 as vehicles with a capacity of less than 22 passengers are excluded from the Regulations.


Visually impaired passengers:

  • Our Driver can assist you if you need to be guided to and from the Bus subject to staff availability.
  • Our Drivers will lead you to an appropriate seat to comply with Safety regulations.


Travelling with Pets:

  • We permit cats and dogs only on our vans.  When travelling to the UK, pets must be compliant with the PETS PASSPORT Scheme.  When travelling to France, pets must meet French requirements.
  • Prior to boarding the minibus, Pet Passports and human passports will be checked for validity.  No minibus boarding is allowed without valid passports.  Those denied passage due to invalid passports will not be refunded their fare.
  • We carry a doggie ramp to assist elderly dogs who cannot enter our minibus without assistance.  Please notify your driver if your dog requires our ramp.


Travelling with children:

  • The accompanying adult must bring on board an approved infant seat which fits on the bus and is compliant with current regulation.
  • If your infant is under 23 months old you will still need to book an individual seat for him/her at full price.
  • Children under 14 years old must be seated using appropriate child restraints, car seats and booster seats in accordance with law. All children aged 14 years old and over must wear seat beats.
  • We do not provide child restraints, baby / child seats or booster seats. Passengers with children must bring their own child/booster seats with them. Passengers without the required seats/restraints will be refused carriage.